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Marco & Dolan

Dolan is bound to a rack when leatherman Marco de Brute enters the dark room. Marco circles Dolan, checking him out menacingly. Marco spits on Dolan a couple of times and calls him a dirty cock sucker. "What are you?" he barks. And Dolan says, "A dirty cock sucker, Sir!" Marco removes the leather cover from Dolan's codpiece, and then, he ties a black combat boot from Dolan's cock ring. "Oh, thank you, Sir," groans Dolan. Marco gets down on his knees and gets Dolan's big-nobbed cock very hard. After some more intimidation and teasing, Marco releases Dolan from the rack and bends his dirty cock sucker over so he can start playing with Dolan's fuck hole. Marco teases Dolan even more by rubbing his stiffening cock between Dolan's hairy ass crack; and then, he returns to playing inside Dolan's ass with his fingers. "You're going to have my cock up there in a minute," Marco says. "Oh yes, Sir, please fuck my hairy ass, Sir," Dolan replies. But before Dolan gets what he wants he has to service his Master's cock with his mouth. And he does a fantastic job, hence the name "dirty cock sucker." Then after a long and hard ass pounding, Marco de Brute brings out a supply of big dildos and starts working Dolan's fuck hole into a new state of ecstacy. With a big dildo sliding in and out of his ass, Dolan shoots one of the biggest and most controlled loads of cum I've ever seen. Marco is pleased with his slave's performance and decides to give him a cumtastic reward. You're going to love the way this Master delivers his spunk.

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