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Marco Van & Thierry

It seems like this video has been a long time coming. And I guess it has, I've delayed it a couple of times now. But I think it's worth the wait. Hairy men Marco Van and Thierry Lamasse play a couple of cons working out in the prison weight room. As they stretch, do crunches, and life dumbbells, they're checking one another out. Marco Van is the first to grab his crotch, and it doesn't take Thierry long to make his move. As he slides his hand under Marco's shorts, the hairy tattooed man jumps back, "Is it safe? What about the guard?" Thierry reassurs him, "Don't worry, the door's locked and the guard's my friend." Thierry fishes Marco's cock out of his shorts and starts feasting on it. This horny Frenchman sucks Marco's cock for a long time, and then, it's his turn. But Marco's got to work a little harder; Thierry's blessed with a 9-inch, uncut cock, and it's fat! Still Marco seems to have very little trouble scarfing it down his throat. Marco really wants to get his ass plugged, so Thierry tells him to get down on all fours. Thierry begins his anal assault. He's a one-speed fucker, and that speed is fast! But Marco takes it and demands more. Thierry drills this hairy man's ass until he feels his balls getting ready to unload. Standing side by side they jack off together, and when Thierrry is ready, Marco falls to his knees and offers his chest as a cum shot landing pad. Marco is next and you're going to love where he aims his load of cum! What a hot cumshot!

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