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Rocco & Kinky Boy

Duration: 22 min 30 sec min | Released: June 27, 2009

Rocco Banks is on duty at Master U's leather shop when KinkyBoy comes in. Wearing his shirt and tie, KinkyBoy definitely looks out of place. Rocco, on the other hand, looks hot wearing his leather pants and vest. His well-defined bare, hairy chest and pumped up guns look pretty tempting. He helps KinkyBoy pick out a shirt, and then, Rocco fetches a leather jockstrap from the wall. KinkyBoy has no idea how to put it on, so Rocco helps him. As KinkyBoy slips off his trousers he asks, "Is it safe, I'm not wearing any underpants?" Rocco assures him the door's locked and KinkBoy slides his pants around his ankles. His huge, uncut cock flops free. Rocco helps him into the leather jockstrap, commenting on his big cock. KinkyBoy notices Rocco's own huge dick in his leather pants and reaches for it. "Can you pull your cock out?" KinkyBoy asks. And when Rocco fishes out his own uncut cock, KinkyBoy squats and swallows it. After servicing this leather man's beautiful uncut dick, KinkyBoy lies back on the work bench and hoists his legs. Rocco plays with his shaved smooth fuck hole and drives the bottom crazy. "Will you fuck me with that?" he asks Rocco. "Gently," he adds. Rocco slides his monster deep inside and just about splits Kinky Boy open. And then Rocco wants to show this guy how to take a cock, so he hopes up in the sling and KinkyBoy buries his 9-inch uncut dick deep inside Rocco. This video was shot on location at Master U. Rocco Banks will be appearing there on July 2 to help the leather shop launch their new website. Butch Dixon will join the festivities to premiere this movie. Check out the Butch Dixon news section for more information.

Cast: Rocco Banks

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