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Miles Ben & Jaxson

I rented a boxing ring for a weekend, and some of guys and I headed off for some filming. Nothing like a new location to inspire some hot and heavy sex. Jaxson and Ben are training in the boxing ring. Jason is shirtless and showing off that hot bod of his. He's holding up his boxing gloves and taking some punches from Ben. But Ben gets a little ambitious and Jaxson flies backwards and falls to the mat. Ben calls out for some help from Miles, a bald, masculine hunk who is also working out in the gym. Ben bends down and gives Jaxson a little mouth to mouth; but the young boxer quickly learns it's just an excuse to sneak a kiss. By the time Miles arrives in the boxing ring, Ben and Jaxson are locked in a passionate kiss. Miles helps himself to Jaxson's cock and starts stiffening it up with his mouth. After this boxing threeway turns into a blowjob swapping trio, Jaxson gives Ben's ass a good pounding. Miles joins in the fun and the two horny boxer tower over Ben, who is kneeling on the mat, and get ready to shower him with cum. Ben is a newcomer to Butch Dixon, but both Miles and Jaxson have played here before.

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