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Rocco Redi Video

If you've been around Butch Dixon for any length of time, you'll know that I have a thing for daddies. And Rocco Redi is a hot, silver daddy. He's ruggedly handsome, he's beefy, and he's hairy � just the way I like them. This grey-haired man also has a deliciously fat cock. He's cut, he had his foreskin removed as a young guy due to some health problems, and he dearly misses that "little bit of extra something," as he calls it.He tells a story about being in a gay bar in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was in the rough part of town and everyone warned him not to go there, but he did anyway. As he entered, the doorman greeted him and suggested he try the bar's jelly shots. Behind the bar was the most hunky bear man. Rocco ordered a jelly shot. The bartender rang a bell and another bar man came over, the first bartender hauled out his uncut cock, held open his foreskin, and the second bar man poured the shot into his foreskin. And that's how they do jelly shots in Johannesburg. Yum! Where's my passport? This silver bear also loves daddy-boy scenes, or daddy-son, as he calls them. He likes his boys younger, muscular with beautiful faces, and hairy is a big plus. Oh well, I guess that puts me out the running as I'm neither young or muscular. But still, I can fantasize about getting down on my knees and servicing Rocco's fat cock. And if he were to throw some nasty dirty talk my way, all the better.After telling a few stories about his sexual escapades, this silver daddy strips down to his jockstrap and leans against the brick wall in my livingroom and starts jerking his fat cock. And when he's ready to cum, turn up the volume on your speakers, there's an extra special treat for you. When Rocco dumps his load you can hear it hitting the floor, and I find that so fucking hot.

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