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Sergio (aka Sam)

Sergio first posed for me about three years ago, before Butch Dixon was even a glint in my eye. And all this time later, this hairy, Italian man stumbled across himself on Butch Dixon and contacted me to see if I wanted to film a jerk-off video. He's a very hairy guy, so I knew that Butch Dixon fans would love to see more of Sergio. Back when he posed for me the first time, he called himself Sam; now, he likes to be called Sergio.This hairy Italian man hails originally from northern Italy, but he's been living in London for about fifteen years. He's 33 years old and considers himself to be mostly gay. When I querried him on the "mostly" part he said that he occassionally plays with straight couples. "When you're in a threesome you can't choose to ignore one or the other." But he does prefer men. And he likes older men, between 35 and 45. He likes his men hairy; and while he might play with a smooth guy as a one-off sort of thing, a hairless guy won't get a second date. Sergio is also a top. Sergio is a funny guy. He laughs through a good part of his on-screen interview; and even when he's jerking off, he seems like he's on the verge of bursting into laughter. Some guys are just like that, they feel nervous in front of the cameras. This Italian man is very hairy, especially his ass. He is also fairly heavily covered in moles. I found this kind of interesting to look at. He's got a deliciously fat, uncut cock and his balls are hairy, too. Sergio settles back on the sofa and jerks his fat dick with one hand while playing with his nipple with the other hand.

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