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Tim Kelly & Ben Statham

This has got to be, hands down, one of my all-time favourite videos. In fact, it's one of my favourite pairings of men, too. When I think of daddy / boy sex, this scene is what's happening in my head. Tim Kelly is a strong and hairy daddy with a massively solid body covered in hair. His goatee is mostly grey, but his moustache is a distinguished salt 'n pepper. And Ben is a really hot guy. He's much smaller than Tim Kelly, and in fact, fits perfectly in the nook of Kelly's arm. And while Ben looks like a boy snuggled up to Kelly, he's a man in his own right. His body is impeccably built, with strong shoulders, arms, and an awesome six pack of abs. His chest is sparsely furry and he's got a fantastically long, uncut cock. And the scene opens with that uncut dick of his rock hard as Tim Kelly plants passionate kisses on Ben's soft lips. The two men are making love on a big, fluffy bed, and the white sheets really show off their bodies beautifully. There's a mirror at the head of the bed, and at times, it gives us some rather interesting and mouth-watering views of these two men devouring one another's bodies. One of my absolute favourite moments of this video has Ben curled up his Tim's arms, Ben's back is to the camera, and Tim reaches around and fucks Ben's ass with a couple of his huge, fat fingers. It's such a turn-on. Of course, Tim fucks Ben's ass for real; and Tim's ass pounding gets Ben off in a big way. With Daddy's hard cock pounding his hole, Ben squirts a phenomenal load all over his chest and belly. Tim is the perfect gentleman and waits for Ben's spasms to subside before coating his boy in a big load of daddy cum! Wow! You guys are going to love this one!

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