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Tony & Drake

When this video opens, Drake is in the shower. His long cock swings freely between his legs as he enjoys the hot spray cascading down his body. He wraps a towel around his waist and heads downstairs, where he grabs a beer and relaxes on the sofa. He catches site of the landscaper doing some work in the garden. At first, the gardener doesn't see Drake sitting on the couch. And Drake opens up his towel and starts stroking his already rock-hard, long cock. Man, it's a beauty and it doesn't take much to get Drake excited. Eventually the dark-haired gardener catches sight of Drake jacking off on the sofa. So Tony whips out his meaty uncut cock and joins Drake. When Tony sees that Drake is really interested, Tony teases him by rubbing his cock on the window pane. He smears precum and cock juice all over the window ? I just about lost it when Tony did this! Drake lets Tony in and these two hairy guys devour one another cocks on a large, leather ottoman. They take turns blowing one another, and Drake pays some attention to Tony's shaved fuck hole. Eventually Tony turns around and offers his butt to Drake, who slides his long cock inside Tony's smooth rosebud. The fucking is hot and I won't spoil it for you, but I have to say that these two studs shot two incredible loads after a sweaty fuck session. My video editor liked those blast offs so much that he replayed them several times each, so you guys are really going to love watching the cum flying everywhere. I sure did!

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