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Vinnie & Marco

Hairy men Vinnie D'Angelo and Marco de Brute are working in the garden. Vinnie is shirtless and he's watering the garden. Marco is up on a ladder and he's pruning the trees. When Marco complains about being hot, Vinnie sprays him with the hose, soaking the front of his jeans. Vinnie comes over to console a protesting Marco who is shocked at how wet he is.. And when Vinnie is faced with Marco's huge package bulging in his wet jeans, he buttons them and reveals Marco's drenched jockstrap. Vinnie puts his mouth on Marco's sweaty jockstrap and feels his stiffening cock under the fabric. These two hairy men start swapping blowjobs, and they've both got big dicks to admire. Marco gets really horny nursing on Vinnie's cock, so he braces himself against the ladder and offers his hairy fuck hole to his buddy. Vinnie slides his tongue between Marco's beefy butt cheeks and teases his fuck hole. Fingering and tonguing Marco's ass, it's not long before Marco is begging for his buddy's dick. And Vinnie obliges fucking Marco in the garden. Check out Vinnie and Marco's photo shoot in the Naked Outdoors gallery.

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