Robin Fanteria

Robin is fun. Great sense of humour and as randy as a terrier! Carlo suggested that he did some porn work, after we had met him one night at a sex party. Robin was up for it immediately! So we set a date and he came for his first filming session with us. Not too difficult this one, as it was for a jerk off. (Having said that, some people will say a "jerk off" is harder as you really have to imagine being watched, and that is harder than having a sexy stud with you and therefore you forget the camera crew. Hmm, I sort of see what they mean? Doing a "jerk off" you are exposed to the crew and that is it! Maybe that's why I haven't done one? Anyway, Robin didn't have any such worries, but I did, as I had to shake him off my leg a few times, so we could complete the shoot! He is a great guy, and deserves a big Woof!

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