Rocco Banks

This Huge hunk of manhood, is endowned not only with a huge cock, curved perfectly for getting your prostrate into overdrive, but with chiselled good looks too! A highly potent, if not dangerous mixture of charm and sexual power. He could persuade you to have sex within a second with his beguiling smile and then will have you groaning within minutes as he pounds away at your arse. Rocco, is a great guy and a great actor too. His huge legs are hairy and tattooed. He is not a man who is shy in any respect, and is as bold in real life as his huge tribal tatoo's are.Not afraid to be versatile, and experimental, this is as true sexually as in his personal life. Rocco, chose to leave a highly profitable, high profile job in a London publication house to show off to the world his sexual prowess. He told me he enjoys this wok one hundred times more than the politics of publication. I have high admiration for this man, and just love how the fact that he loves what he does, so much,

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