Naturally toned, outdoors man Drake has a hefty dick, and always shoots a massive thick load of jizz. When Drake first appeared on our brother site Butch Dixon he was an immediate hit - members went wild for his rugged good looks, naturally hairy body and oh that dick! You might go wild for his British accent or his facial hair; his piercing eyes or his big, rough hands, but let's face it we're all hungry for cock and Drake posesses one of the best all-round cocks we've seen (and we've seen a few!); long and thick, with a heavy foreskin which rolls back to reveal a powerful head atop a straight shaft nine inches in length. This man doesn't trim or wax, his heavy nuts nestle in natural hair, keeping his stock of cum warm for when it's needed - and when that cum starts shooting you'd better stand back or open your mouth really wide because there's lots of it. Drake is built to fuck and we'd love to be on the end of his cum cannon. If you'd like to see more of Drake don't forget to use our rating system!

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