John is just one of the hairy leather man I've had stop by the studio, and he brought a whole bag of clothes and toys with him. He's a kinky fucker and loves to play. John has a beautifully hairy chest and he's a little soft around the middle. He put on his rubber chaps and did some posing with his uncut cock and low hanging balls swinging through the crotch hole. He's got a delicious uncut cock, sheathed in a liberal foreskin. He grabs a flogger and starts trailing the lashes across his cock and balls, and his dick springs to life. To my surprise, he wrapped the handle loop around his equipment and pulled it tight. He tugged and groaned with pleasure. Once John was done playing for the camera, he hopped in the shower and lathered up his hairy body. His semi-hard cock looked hot with the hot water trailing down it's length. I loved shooting this hairy leather man.

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